Former NRL players Junior Sa’u and Justin Carney have been involved in an all-in brawl after their UK Super League game.

The pair, now playing for the Salford Red Devils, were photographed brawling with fans after their clash with the Huddersfield Giants. The players were apparently concerned for the welfare of their families, who were caught up in the wild scenes going on in the stands. The players could apparently hear women and children screaming.

The photos show Junior Sa’u putting one fan on the ground during the scuffle.

Unlike the infamous Malice At The Palace, it seems the players will escape any disciplinary action, as they were acting in defence of fans and family, and didn't instigate the incident.

RFL chief executive Nigel Wood said those responsible for the brawl would be investigated. "We will conduct a full investigation into the events that took place in the away section of the crowd at the game between Huddersfield and Salford.

"We do not condone violence of any kind and will ensure that anyone found to have acted improperly is dealt with accordingly."

Salford Red Devils owner Marwan Koukash also Tweeted about the incident. 

Footage of the brawl has been uploaded to YouTube (below) but shows very little. The incident comes only months after former Rooster and Raider Justin Carney was forced to leave the Castleford Tigers after rumours of an affair between himself and a teammate's partner alienated him from the rest of the team.