Remember how much criticism 76ers rookie Jahlil Okafor received late last year after he got caught driving more than 100 MPH through the streets of Philadelphia? Apparently, Draymond Green doesn’t, because yesterday afternoon, it appears as though he did the same thing out in the Bay Area—and it looks like he actually documented it for everyone to see on Snapchat.

Green deleted his controversial Snapchat video really quickly but not before TMZ Sports found it and shared it. It's unclear whether or not Green was behind the wheel when the video was taken, but Green posted a video that shows someone driving a BMW 118 MPH (and he posted it just a few minutes after posting another video that showed him in the BMW). Watch here:

After the Warriors knocked off the Clippers last night, Green was forced to address the situation. He was apologetic but also tried to downplay the incident so as not to take away from what his team had just accomplished.

“Obviously, poor judgment,” he said. “But I think it’s kind of out-of-story of what it’s trying to be made out to be. I’m not here to take any attention away from this team.”

The Warriors issued a statement of their own as well, explaining that they plan on speaking to Green about his Snapchat video.

“We are aware of the video and will discuss it with Draymond after tonight’s game,” they said. “We hold all of our players and staff members to a high standard that sends a positive message and example to our fans and the community in general. We look forward to having a conversation with Draymond and getting additional information.”

Stay tuned to see if Green is punished in any way for posting his Snapchat video.

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