Earlier today, Peyton Manning announced his retirement from the NFL during a press conference in Denver. Since reports surfaced of Manning's plan to hang up his cleats for good on Sunday, everyone from his peers to his teammates to the Broncos organization to the NFL have shown their appreciation for the five-time MVP. Well, almost everyone. 

Look at what Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams had to say about Peyton on Twitter in the midst of today's Manning lovefest. 

Here's the thing: DeAngelo isn't lying. Manning was beyond awful last season all the way up to Super Bowl 50 when he posted the fourth-worst passer rating (56.6) among winning quarterbacks. In his final year, Peyton had more interceptions (17) than touchdowns (9) for the first time since his rookie campaign while his quarterback rating (67.9) was the worst it has ever been in his 18-year career.  

The problem with Williams' comment is the timing. As we look back at Manning's entire career, we're remembering the season where he threw for a record 55 touchdowns or his five NFL MVP trophies or being first in all-time passing yards and passing touchdowns and conveniently forgetting about how bad he was throughout the Broncos' 2015-16 campaign. 

If Williams picked a different day to tell the truth throw shade at Manning, his mentions wouldn't be in shambles right now. But, judging from his timeline, DeAngelo seems to be handling all the hate pointed in his direction just fine. 

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