Last year, Conor McGregor made headlines by saying that he would “kill” Floyd Mayweather in “30 seconds or less” if the two ever got into the Octagon together.

“It would take me less than 30 seconds to wrap around him like a boa constrictor and strangle him,” he said.

Since then, the two have exchanged words through the media on several occasions. Most recently, Mayweather said that McGregor’s popularity is proof that racism still exists back in January, and McGregor fired back by saying, “Don’t ever bring race into my success again.”

So during a recent interview with BT Sport, McGregor—who is scheduled to fight Nate Diaz at UFC 196 on Saturday night—was asked about the idea of an actual fight taking place between him and Mayweather. And he said that he would be more than open to it, while seemingly trying to bait Mayweather into agreeing to a fight with him.

“In a boxing match?” he said. “I’m open to discussion. Come at me. But I hold the key. It is me who holds the key to the fight game. I am open-minded. I am open to discussion. I love competition. I love fighting. It would be nice to make that fight if the fans were interested and wanted to see it. Obviously, they would.”

McGregor was then told that the fight would likely generate more than $1 billion, twice what McGregor predicted the fight would bring in last year. And he liked the sound of that.

“I’m all about them numbers,” he said. “I would certainly do that, no problem.”

The idea of a Mayweather/McGregor fight actually happening is kind of laughable. Mayweather would never agree to it. But assuming McGregor continues to win, a fight like that would generate so much money that it’d be kind of crazy for someone out there not to at least bring it up in a somewhat serious way, right? Just don't expect the conversations around it to go very far.

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