Can you imagine what would happen if an NBA team was walking into a hotel and got into a huge brawl with the fans of an opposing team? That team might get kicked out of the league forever.

But that’s exactly what happened over in China after a Chinese Basketball Association game. Members of the Liaoning Flying Leopards were walking into their team hotel when they got into a fight with fans of the Sichuan Blue Whales. And things ended up getting really ugly with players and fans going at it for several minutes.

The amazing thing is that this didn’t happen after some random regular season game, either. It happened after a CBA Finals game that the Flying Leopards lost 109-104. And it appeared as though a member of the Flying Leopards instigated the brawl by gesturing towards the fans on his way into the hotel.

There are several Flying Leopards players who used to play in the NBA, including Lester Hudson and Shavlik Randolph, but it doesn’t look like either was involved in the melee. Check it out for yourself in the wild clip above.

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[via New York Daily News]