Yesterday we found out in a Bleacher Report article that LeBron James would take a (hypothetical) pay cut to play on the same floor as his banana boating buddies Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade and also Carmelo Anthony. Due to their current contracts it's something that'd have to happen down the road, but the for now Cavs' star is fantasizing about "At least one, maybe one or two seasons" on the same squad before they all file their retirement paperwork. 

When asked about the bold vision of his friend, Anthony got behind the idea and also stated that he'd take an (again, hypothetical) pay cut. Anthony told the New York Post "We still got years in this league. Everybody dreams sometimes. Everybody has fantasies. We’d all have to take pay cuts. I’d take one. I think at that time we’d want to go someplace warm. Later — [close to] retirement."

This type of talk has to have NBA fans nearest to the equator daydreaming harder than both LeBron and Carmelo. However, keep in mind that currently Anthony has the longest deal of the quartet, becoming a free agent in 2019. At that point they'll be the following age(s):

LeBron James - 34
Chris Paul - 34
Carmelo Anthony- 35
Dwyane Wade - 37

For reference, Kobe Bryant is 37. You've seen the Lakers. What we're saying is we're not so sure that pay cut thing is going to be necessary. 

Also be careful what you wish for.

[via New York Post]

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