When Carmelo Anthony signed his lucrative five-year, $129 million-dollar contract in the summer 2014, he claimed that he wasn't regretful about resigning with the Eastern Conference basement dwellers because he's dedicated to being a Knick despite their losing ways and coaching woes.

When asked by reporters on Tuesday afternoon about the who should get the full-time coaching job for the Knicks,  Anthony didn't even sound too confident about giving their interim head coach Kurt Rambis much credit. That is somewhat understandable because the Knicks are 5-9 with him at the coaching helm.

"I think you consider Kurt (for the full-time) job. But I think you still have to at least to listen other candidates out there."

With the Knicks impeding head coaching issues at hand, there's much to speculate about the elephant in the room: What if Knicks president and 11-time world champion coach Phil Jackson came down from his throne at the top of Madison Square Garden to save the Knicks:

ESPN's reporter Ramona Shelbourne addressed the Knicks front office's idea earlier today that the Zen Master could potentially be on the sidelines for the Knickerbockers next season, for at least for their home games. and interim head coach Rambis coaching the team while they're on the road.

Carmelo was asked for his take on that concept of the split for the head coaching job, and he flat out wasn't buying it:

"Nah, nah, nah. I don't think that should be accepted. I wouldn't accept that if that was the case."

OK, so you wouldn't want to have the man took the storied 1996 Chicago Bulls to 72 wins in one season, copped 11 rings, and facilitated the egos and talents of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant for the majority of their careers on those world champion Bulls and Lakers teams?

Your guess is as good as mine why 'Melo doesn't want to try something new from being one of the worst teams in the NBA over the past 3 seasons.

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