Brock Lesnar was on SportsCenter this morning to promote this Sunday night's WrestleMania 32, an event where you can watch him fight Dean Ambrose if you (or, better yet, somebody else) are willing to part with the pay-per-view dough. And while he was on ESPN's flagship program, he spoke about the time he left the WWE to take on a new challenge after substance abuse issues were on the brink of completely wrecking his life.

First he tried to make it in the NFL, that didn't work out. And then he decided to go the MMA route. After a single fight, back in 2007, in the now defunct Japanese-based league Hero's, Lesnar wanted to join the UFC. But his entrance into the world's top promotion was stifled after the organization's president Dana White simply ducked his phone calls. This caused Lesnar to go a different--let's say, unconventional--route, one that would surely get a lesser/smaller man arrested/severely beaten by security personnel.

As the former Heavyweight champion explained to Hannah Storm:

"I win my first MMA fight. Dana White won't take my phone calls from my lawyers and manager so I said 'Fine.' Randy Couture was fighting Gabriel Gonzaga for the Heavyweight title and I said 'We'll buy a ticket and we'll go to the show.' And I bought a ticket, sat in the stands, watched the whole show, and at the end of the show I jumped the guardrail, escaped a few security guards, ran up and tapped Dana White on the shoulder and introduced myself. And that's where the ball started rolling."

There's your blueprint to making your dreams happen. Don't actually attempt it.

You can catch a two-minute clip of the interview by following the link below.

[via ESPN]

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