Boris Johnson is currently most concerned with trying to convince Britain to leave the EU, and eying up being Conservative Party leader. But he always taken time out from that busy schedule to talk up bringing Wrestlemania to London.

In a recent Twitter Q&A he was asked about it, and this was his response:

Ok, will ignore both a) that Boris ‘ great granddad was apparently a wrestler, and b) he considers WWE “grassroots sport”. But it would be pretty great to see Wrestlemania on British soil. The last proper WWE pay-per-view in the UK (not including those weird UK-only ones from the Attitude era) was Summerslam 1992, where 80,000 watch The British Bulldog defeat Bret Hart. But last year's NXT: Takeover London had one of the hottest crowds in recent memory, and they also recently announced a special one-off show n London in September.

[via Uproxx]