Sorry ladies and overly optimistic gentlemen, Alex Rodriguez is supposedly off the market, and he's dating a woman with more stacks in her bank account than him. That woman is Anne Wojcicki, a biologist and Silicon Valley CEO who founded the company 23AndMe, which used to sell "personal genome tests." She's also the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and the sister of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. While we couldn't nail down an definitive estimate of her fortune, she is said to be "worth billions." Rodriguez will pull in a meager by comparison $21 million this season.

Wojciki, or however you spell her name, is the latest in a line of famous girlfriends for the Yankees slugger that includes: Torrie WilsonCameron Diaz, Madonna and Kate Hudson. Cool. Good for A-Rod.

Still got a long ways to go to catch Jeter.

[via Page Six]

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