We didn’t think there was any way we were going to come across another story as weird as the one about Aaron Rodgers and UFOs that we heard earlier this week. But as it turns out, we were wrong. So wrong.

Gonzaga player Kyle Wiltjer appeared on the Pardon My Take podcast this week and, after talking about his team’s Sweet Sixteen game against Syracuse, he made a pretty stunning revelation about former Gonzaga player Adam Morrison. According to Wiltjer, Morrison—who flamed out in the NBA after starring at Gonzaga for three seasons—has an apocalypse bunker. Yes, an apocalypse bunkerWiltjer has never actually seen the bunker, but he claims that he has talked to Morrison about it.

“The guy is fully equipped if there was an apocalypse,” Wiltjer said. “He’s got food stationed away. Everything. He could survive everything…He’s got guns. A bunker. Everything.”

Wiltjer also went on the explain why Morrison built the bunker.

“He thinks something is going down with politics,” he said. “He thinks everyone is corrupt.”

Morrison does seem like a strange guy (remember this wacky story about him not taking showers?). But...an apocalypse bunker? You can check out what else Wiltjer had to say on Pardon My Take here.

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[via For The Win]