It’s only been about 12 hours since Von Miller was named the MVP of Super Bowl 50, but it looks like he’s already enjoying the perks that come along with it. As Super Bowl MVP, Miller was given the keys to a new car. He was also showered with praise on Twitter by a bunch of sponsors that are probably going to give him a raise now that he’s reached a new level in his career (go take a look at Miller's Twitter feed to see all the companies he retweeted). And after leaving Levi’s Stadium as an NFL champion last night, Miller headed over to the Grand Nightclub in San Francisco to see Lil Wayne perform and spent most of the night standing right next to him and rapping along while Weezy put on a show.

Check out the clip above, courtesy of TMZ Sports, to see Miller in all his glory. The offseason is obviously going to be a fun one for him.

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[via TMZ Sports]