Phil Jackson took to Twitter on Monday morning to try and explain the Steph Curry/Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf comparison he made over the weeked:

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Earlier today, we showed you some tweets from NBA players in awe of what Stephen Curry is doing right now. He's unconscious. He's a video game glitch. Every time he takes the court he drops a new jaw to the floor. However somebody who isn't as impressed is Phil Jackson, who took a Sunday morning stroll (emphasis on troll) and then shat out this tweet:

Stat breakdowns can be boring. Especially when you already think a player comp is bogus. So we won't go into detail. Just know that Curry's drilled 100 more three-pointers in the past two years than Abdul-Rauf did in his entire nine-year career. Curry's an MVP, a three-time All-Star and an NBA Champ. Abdul-Rauf's greatest award was Most Improved Player in 1992-93. Also, just a guess, we don't see Curry spanning the globe overseas to stay pro in Turkey, Russia, Italy, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Japan.

It's hard to tell if Phil's just getting a shot in before the Warriors sail past the Bulls' 72-win season, or whether he's just another old-timer taking a pot shot at Stephen's style, or whether he's just stirring up social media (as his fiancee Jeannie Buss said in an interview last year):

“Come on, he jabs at Twitter with some of his tweets. That’s Phil. And whatever comes his way, whatever washes over him in terms of criticism or backlash or whatever, he can take it. He loves it. It has invigorated him.”

For whatever reason he threw that out there, it's got him trending on a slow Sunday. And the most confused person in all of it has to be Abdul-Rauf who, through no fault of his own, is seeing his career dissected and laughed at by thousands of strangers over a comparison he likely wouldn't make in a million years.

[via @PhilJackson11]

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