Steph Curry isn’t the first professional athlete to correctly predict that he would play pro sports when he was younger. Just last week, Curry’s good friend Cam Newton talked at length about how he used to tell his teachers that playing pro football was the only thing he wanted to do when he got older. They tried to talk him into coming up with a Plan B, but…nope. Newton knew he was destined to play in the NFL.

Curry had the same kind of confidence. Back when he was in the eighth grade, he was asked to write an entry for his school's yearbook. In it, he thanked God for the experience that came along with living in Toronto for a year while his dad Dell Curry played with the Raptors—and then, he wrote about how he was looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps and playing in the NBA one day, almost as if it was a foregone conclusion that he’d go pro one day. The Globe and Mail just published a story about the younger Curry’s time in Toronto and included his 2002 yearbook entry in it:

“I look forward to…” That kind of confidence is what makes Curry the player he is today.

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