Shane McMahon is back with another workout clip today that features him doing push-ups to prepare for The Undertaker. He obviously hasn't read our latest WWE piece about pro wrestlers getting more rest, eh? Then again, he has been on vacation for, like, six years, so...carry on, Shane!

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Shane McMahon is making his way back to Wrestlemania to face The Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match. McMahon is 46 years old, so it helps that he's getting any bit of training he can get. 

He's in pretty good shape if we're judging from the above clip. McMahon is preparing for Wrestlemania by working with former champion Muay Thai kickboxer Phil Nurse, and he's already more than what the veteran trainer can handle. McMahon's kick sent Nurse flying, and we may be looking at a classic match if he pulls that off against the Undertaker.

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