Looking forward to watching Ronda Rousey fight at UFC 200 this summer? Eh, it’s probably not going to happen. UFC president Dana White appeared on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” yesterday and revealed that Rousey is likely going to end up taking about a year off from fighting. She is going to shoot Road House this spring before jumping back into training, and by the time all of that is done, she’ll be ready to fight by…November? Maybe?

Holly Holm will fight Meisha Tate on March 5,” he said. “The winner of that will fight Ronda, probably in November.”

Unfortunately, White doesn’t sound 100 percent confident in November. So Rousey could realistically end up taking all of 2016 off. Her schedule could change at any moment, but for now, don’t plan on ordering a Rousey fight anytime soon.

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[via CBS Sports]

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