The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue isn't as relevant as it once was, but it's still far and away the magazine's biggest edition of the year. Late yesterday night it was revealed who they were putting on the cover, and it ended up being all three finalists: Ronda Rousey, Ashley Graham and Hailey Clauson. So depending on what type of woman you're into: The type that can beat you up (Rousey), the "plus-size" but still extremely hot type (Graham), and the type that would never talk to you (Clauson All three), you can get a corresponding cover:

Last month pictures of Rousey clad in body paint were released leading to speculation that she'd be in the issue for the second straight year. That speculation was quickly confirmed. You can see shots of her and the rest of the trio on Sports Illustrated's website. The rest will be available when the issue drops tomorrow.

[via Twitter, @TBSNetwork]

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