The Broncos have a situation at quarterback that almost every Super Bowl champion never has to deal with.

Denver will run out a different starting QB the season after it won it all—kind of like they did back in 1999 following John Elway's retirement—because from all indications Peyton Manning and his $19 million salary won't be welcomed back. Even if the 39-year-old future Hall of Famer decides he wants to keep playing. 

Brock Osweiler, who took over for an injured and struggling Manning during the regular season, is a free agent and it remains to be seen if the Broncos will sign him and insert him as the starter. 

So that leaves the franchise potentially searching for outside options and it appears Elway, the team's general manager, could look toward Robert Griffin III or Colin Kaepernick, according to CBS Sports.

Formerly considered future superstars, Griffin will surely be cut by Washington and Kaepernick, who reportedly wanted to be traded to the Jets earlier this month, is also a strong candidate to be on a different team next season after falling our favor with San Francisco's coaching staff and management last year.

So why would the Broncos go after a couple of quarterbacks who appear on their way out with their respective franchises, have battled injuries, and ineffectiveness? Because Osweiler is still a relatively unknown commodity, despite playing well enough while subbing for Manning, and other teams might go hard after him in free agency. Plus, Griffin and Kaepernick, despite their documented struggles, are still young and tantalizingly athletic with successful runs under their belt. They have flaws, but maybe they just need a change of scenery. 

And as a bonus, CBS Sports argues that Broncos coach Gary Kubiak's offense would be a natural fit for both Griffin and Kaepernick. Imagine Kaepernick launching his rockets through the thin Denver air. Or Griffin running wild on defenses, leaving them gasping for oxygen. It could happen, Broncos fans. The question is do they—and most importantly Elway—want it to.

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