Private investigators for Peyton Manning paid the parents of his HGH accuser an uninvited visit that freaked them out so much they called the police. This alleged incident took place before the Al-Jazeera documentary that accused him of using PEDs aired this past December.

In said documentary, an intern for an Indianapolis based anti-aging clinic named Charlie Sly said that Manning's wife Ashley was receiving HGH shipments that coincided with Peyton's rehab from four neck surgeries. Sly (who was unaware he was being recorded) quickly walked back his statements, and claimed he was just shooting his mouth off like a faux-big shot to impress potential clients.

Manning called the documentary's accusations "total garbage" (amongst other things) and welcomed an NFL investigation into the claims (a wish he was granted).

After Manning, who was one of several pro athletes mentioned in the documentary, was informed he'd be featured in it, his legal team kicked off a private probe to find and interrogate Sly. That's what led the aforementioned investigators to show up at the home of his parents. Anyway, clearly the private operation was a total success, as evidenced by the fact that it was picked up by the national media.

Ari Fleischer, the crisis management consultant Manning brought on to make this all go away, claims the PIs didn't interfere with the investigation or force Sly to take back his statement. However, Fleischer did confirm the anti-aging clinic made shipments to Manning's wife, but stopped short of saying what exactly was shipped.

If you want to see how this news will affect the Broncos quarterback, tune into CBS Sunday.

[via Washington Post]

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