Jibri Bryan, a senior guard on Mercer's basketball team, died today after he was shot whilst sitting in a car parked in the lot of a busy Macon, Ga. convenience store. Another man, who arrived with the shooter, was also badly wounded after he too was shot in the chest (or neck) because he was in the line of fire.

Bryan, who was murdered around 4 p.m., was shot in the head with a pistol as he sat in the driver's seat right next to the store. The gunman reportedly got out of his car and walked over to talk to him. The incident was captured on a surveillance camera.  

County Sheriff David Davis told local reporters that investigators have "some good leads" regarding the identity of the gunman. He also claimed they located a pistol behind the store. 

Bryan had gotten on the court for the Bears as recently as last night when they faced off against Samford. Additionally he was on a list as one of 257 nominees for the "Allstate Good Works Team," an honor bestowed upon "a select group of student-athletes who have shown dedication to service in their communities." 

Bryan was majoring in accounting with a minor in management. He was 23-years-old.

[via The Telegraph]

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