A short time after Derek Fisher was fired by the Knicks on Monday, Matt Barnes put this photo up on Instagram:

It didn’t include a caption, but most people assumed that the photo was directed at Fisher. Barnes claims that isn’t the case, though.

The Grizzlies are scheduled to face the Nets in Brooklyn tonight, so the New York Daily News caught up with him this morning and asked about his IG post. He shot down the idea that it was aimed at Fisher and offered up another explanation for it.

“I liked what I was wearing,” he said. “That’s it. That’s all it was.”

Barnes also said that he’s done talking about Fisher.

“It kind of is what it is,” he said. “People assume what they want to assume. I learned my lessons from talking and doing what I did. I got fined a lot of money. So I just kind of stay out of that situation now.”

That’s probably for the best, but you buying Barnes’ explanation about his IG photo? (For the record, our answer to that question is "No.")

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[via New York Daily News]