During the Cavaliers’ game against the Thunder yesterday afternoon, an Oklahoma City fan got caught yelling, “Just suck it up, LeBron!” in LeBron James’ direction:

At the time, LeBron laughed at what she said. And late last night, he responded to what happened on Instagram. He posted a video of the woman yelling at him along with a #JustSuckItUpLeBron hashtag and indicated that he thought the heckler was hilarious:

As we mentioned yesterday, LeBron has heard hecklers yell waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse things at him over the years, so this moment was actually kind of nice. Sweet even. And it was probably even sweeter for LeBron, given the fact that he dropped 25 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, and dished out 11 assists during a 115-92 win over the Thunder.

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