People writing letters in response to Cam Newton is nothing new. We've already had a mother get all bent out of shape because she couldn't explain Newton's dancing to her child. We've already had a Seahawks fan write a letter after seeing the Panthers star quarterback throw a Seattle fan's 12th Man flag in Carolina's Bank of America Stadium. We've already seen people question whether Cam is setting a bad example by having a child out-of-wedlock.

All in all, these letters have been ridiculous, but today, these pointless letters hit a new disgusting, distasteful and fucking disturbing low. 

Here's a letter sent to Jets beat writer for Newsday, Kimberley A. Martin, in response to a recent article about Newton: 


Unbelievable. Later, Kimberley discussed the impact of this letter, adding the following tweets:

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[via @KMart_LI]