If you’re tired of hearing about Johnny Manziel this week, you’re not alone. Johnny Manziel is probably tired of hearing about Johnny Manziel at this point. But if you believe the recent reports about him, he brought all of the bad press that he’s receiving this week on himself. And we’ve got some more of it.

According to WFAA reporter Rebecca Lopez, Manziel has been ordered by a judge to stay away from his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley for two years. Manziel was not arrested after an incident between him and Crowley took place last weekend—an incident that allegedly involved him hitting her several times—but after what happened, a judge has reportedly decided that he won’t legally be allowed to be near Crowley anymore. The judge issued a protective order after Crowley reportedly filed for one:

What other bad news can possibly come out about Manziel?

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[via @rlopezwfaa]