During an altercation that took place late last month, Johnny Manziel reportedly hit his ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley and ruptured her left eardrum. Crowley’s attorney Kathy Kinser spoke with Dallas TV station KXAS-Channel 5 today and revealed that doctors “expect [the ear] to heal,” but she also revealed that Crowley still cannot hear out of her ear in light of what allegedly took place on January 30.

On Friday, Crowley met with police in Dallas and filed for a protective order in Tarrant County, Texas that will prohibit Manziel from coming into contact with her for two years. As part of the process, she put together an affidavit that features her recollections of what happened on the night in question. According to her, Manziel attempted to physically restrain her inside of a hotel room in Dallas. Crowley claims that he also dragged her down the steps at the hotel as the two made their way to her car that was parked outside and threw her into the front passenger seat once they arrived at the car as she pleaded with a valet and told him that she was “scared for my life.” Crowley claims that she attempted to get out of the car at one point once they started driving but that Manziel jumped out of the car and forced her back in before hitting her in the left ear.

“He hit me with his open hand on my left ear for jumping out of the car,” Crowley says in the affidavit. “I realized immediately that I could not hear out of that ear, and I cannot today.”

Towards the end of the affidavit, Crowley details how Manziel allegedly told her that he was going to drop her off, take her car, and then go to kill himself. She also says that, at one point, he threatened to kill both of them before reiterating that he would “only kill myself.” At the end of the altercation, Crowley says that the two continued fighting once they eventually arrived at her apartment and got out of the car but notes that it was “more verbal than physical.” But she also says that she was able to get Manziel to run outside by grabbing a knife out of her kitchen and that, once he was outside, she ran to a neighbor for help.

You can read the entire affidavit here. Dallas police are still investigating the incident.

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