Floyd Mayweather and NBA player Isaiah Thomas formed an unlikely bond back in 2010. The Celtics point guard, who was still playing college basketball for Washington at the time, went to watch Mayweather train at his gym in Las Vegas one day with a friend. Mayweather recognized him in the crowd, gave him his number, and told him to call him later in the day. And when Thomas reached out, Mayweather asked him if he wanted to go to…a Robin Thicke concert?

Thomas actually talked about going to the concert with Mayweather early last year when he was profiled by the Boston Herald. But in a new feature for The New York Times, Thomas talks more about hanging out with Mayweather for the first time and insinuates two things: One, that he found it a little odd that Mayweather suggested they go to a Robin Thicke concert. And two, that Mayweather talked the whoooooole time during it and didn’t actually let Thomas enjoy any of Thicke’s music.

Here’s a portion of the NYT piece:

“I called him,” Thomas said, “and he was like, ‘Do you want to go to a Robin Thicke concert?’ ” I was like, ‘I mean, I guess so.’ He said, ‘I’ll be outside your hotel in five minutes.’ ”

Mayweather picked up Thomas, and the two hit it off right away. “It was nice,” Thomas said of the concert. “He was talking the whole time, so I didn’t really get to listen to Robin Thicke. But it was nice.”

Thomas also revealed that, about six years later, the two are still really close friends. Mayweather bought him a Bentley last year:

But that’s not the only benefit Mayweather has provided Thomas with. According to Thomas, he also hits him with invaluable advice whenever the two text or hang out:

Thomas said he and Mayweather texted or spoke about every other day. Mayweather attended a recent Celtics game and afterward accompanied Thomas to dinner. They stayed at the restaurant talking until 4 a.m.

“He tries to help me when it comes to my mentality, thinking like I’m the best, preparing like I’m the best,” Thomas said.

You can read the entire NYT piece here.

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[via New York Times]