Even though he’s made some statements that seem to indicate he would come back to fight for the right price, Floyd Mayweather is still, to the best of our knowledge, 100 percent retired. But that apparently hasn’t stopped him from thinking about what he would do if he decided he wanted to take part in the 50th professional fight of his career.

During a recent interview with Fight Hype, Mayweather was asked to respond to some peoples’ suggestion that the upcoming Saul "Canelo" Alvarez/Amir Khan fight on May 7 could possibly break the pay-per-view record that Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao set last year. That seems highly unlikely, but Mayweather still sneered at the thought of it and said he could easily outshine that fight with a fight of his own against the undefeated Danny Garcia on the same date. He laid out a plan for it and everything.

“I can easily put a halt on that fight," he said, "if I chose to call Mr. Garcia, Danny Garcia’s dad, if I chose to call him and say, ‘You know what, sir, you’re a hell of a trainer, your son’s a hell of a fighter, he’s an undefeated champion, I’m an undefeated champion, and I think it would be great for me and your son both to make a lot of money. And like I said before, you’re very outspoken, my dad is very outspoken; it would be good for me to come back for number 50 and fight the undefeated Danny Garcia, you know, at the MGM Grand.’ You know, since Danny Garcia is undefeated and he’s very explosive, he’s a very good fighter, and he really represents Puerto Rico the same way that Trinidad did. Even though he’s from Philadelphia, he represents the red, white, and blue for Puerto Rico. I’ll go over to the MGM Grand and say, ‘You know what? We need a venue also,’ and we’ll see. Because if I’m not mistaken, I fought Canelo, right, and then Danny Garcia fought Amir Khan, and we’re both undefeated, so who do you want to see? Do you want to see them or do you want to see us? I’m just saying.”

Fight Hype pointed out that Mayweather was being “sarcastic” with his comments, but uhhhhhhh, did he just lay out the blueprint for his next fight? Like, it sounds like he's thought about fighting Garcia, no? Either way, he’s obviously got a plan in place now just in case he does ever decide to come back.

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[via Fight Hype]

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