ESPN gets dumped on for a lot of stuff. Some of the criticisms leveled against them aren't fair, while others definitely are. Tonight, for the Michigan-Ohio State matchup, they decided to broadcast from a floor seat camera angle because the midlevel shot used for basketball for the past several decades just wasn't cutting it anymore. Lest you think that it's because the main camera was experiencing technical difficulties, know that the announcer's pitched it at the start of the game as a "courtside seat," and there was some nonsense about experiencing the "speed of the game."

Anyway, ESPN's fix of something that wasn't broken has given us the rare instance of justified Twitter outrage:

There are literally hundreds of others, but we figure you've long since gotten the point. As of this writing the game's still going on, so you have time to tune in to see it yourself. While it's hard to come up with any good from this, at least we know there's something out there that can unite both Buckeye and Wolverine fans:

So kudos for that, Worldwide Leader!

[via ESPN/Twitter]

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