TMZ Sports released the entire Dante Fowler fight video. You can watch it above.


Dante Fowler has now released a statement regarding the video.

“I am embarrassed and have apologized for my actions to everyone involved,” he said. “As a family, we have been dealing with this moment and the conflict that led to it since this occurred. The video surfacing is a sad reminder that emotions got the best of all of us. I take 100 percent responsibility for everything that happened.”

The Jaguars also released a statement.

“Dante brought the incident to our attention prior to the video being released and was embarrassed and remorseful,” he said. “Violence of this type against others is unacceptable in our society and to our organization. We will continue to look into the incident while offering resources and providing support to Dante and his family to help them through this private matter.”



The NFL is investigating this video. "These are disturbing images," NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy told TMZ Sports.

The Jaguars have not released a statement yet. Stay tuned for more.

See original story below.

After the Jaguars selected him with the third overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Dante Fowler tore his ACL during his very first day of mini-camp last May and missed the entire 2015-16 NFL season. So the video above is going to serve as Fowler’s introduction to a lot of NFL fans—and it’s not going to help him make a good first impression.

TMZ Sports got their hands on the video, which appears to show Fowler refereeing a fight between two women inside of a Florida apartment complex back on February 1. According to TMZ Sports, one of the women in the video is the mother of Fowler’s child and the other is his current girlfriend. At the beginning of the video, you can see that both women are ready to fight, and while it initially looks like Fowler is going to step in and stop them from doing it, he eventually steps back and seems to use his arm to signal that the women can begin their fight. They start going at it, and after they fight for several moments, Fowler eventually pulls one of the women away from the fight and ends it.

TMZ Sports reached out to police and found that they were never called to the scene of the fight. Additionally, they found that no criminal complaints were filed, so it’s unclear what the entire back story is here. But there’s a good chance the Jags and the NFL are going to want to speak with Fowler about what went down now that this video has been released, so stay tuned for additional details. Whatever the case, this seems like a sad situation.

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