Damian Lillard came up big for the Trail Blazersagain—last night. During his team’s road game against the Pacers, Lillard scored 33 points, including 20 in the first quarter, to lead Portland to a 111-102 win. It was another masterful performance from Lillard, who has put Portland on his back this season. But after the game was over, he was in no mood to compare what he did to anything his fellow Western Conference superstar Steph Curry has done this year.

While speaking with the media following the game, a Pacers reporter asked Lillard a question about his 20-point first quarter. In doing so, the reporter said that Lillard looked like he was “playing like Stephen Curry.” And according to a tweet sent out by Blazers digital reporter Casey Holdahl, Lillard responded by saying that he wasn’t playing like anyone except himself:

Holdahl pointed out that at least one of Lillard’s teammates found the Curry comparison to be “disrespectful”:

You do have to feel for Lillard here. Being compared to Steph Curry isn’t exactly the worst thing in the world, but why are some people acting like Lillard isn’t a star, too?

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