Dirk Nowitzki got a haircut. Thinking nothing of it, he strolled into the team facility on Sunday, only to be completely and utterly roasted by teammates, ball boys, equipment managers and whoever else was there to see his new 'do. 

Let's begin with the haircut itself. Nowitzki tweeted about the above photo, saying that his teammates keep calling him Ellen DeGeneres because of what he did with his hair. I'm already crying at the thought of Dirk walking down the halls and people walking by hitting him with the "sup, Ellen?"

Zaza Pachulia says that's not even the worst of it. 

The Mavs are lucky Nowitzki's a good dude. My man has been in the NBA for 17 years and this is how you treat his glorious hair? So what if it looks like he just got a fresh cut for that first day of English Lit because he's got a crush on that female professor who can't stop wearing those blush-inducing turtlenecks. Let Dirk live!

But the shade didn't stop there. Chandler Parsons chimed in with this:

Never shave, Dirk. I promise you'll look worse bald. Stay strong with the new haircut, and always remember this: You took down LeBron James in the NBA Finals. You can model your salad however you please. 

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