Blake Griffin broke his hand on an equipment manager's face a few weeks ago, earning himself a four-game suspension (five games without pay). The trainer with the strong jaw's name is Matias Testi, and he and Blake were supposedly best buds as evidenced by each making frequent appearances on the other's social networks. During last night's game against the Spurs, the Clippers took advantage of a Blake/Matias dapfest and turned it into a photo op for Twitter. Their social team tweeted out a photo of the two with the caption "#Family".

The above photo—besides being incredible—features many fantastic reactions to what is transpiring. And deservingly so since, you know, Blake Griffin fractured his fourth metacarpal just a few weeks back on that person's face. So to celebrate this tremendous moment in Twitter photo history, we decided to bring you this L.A. Clippers "Family" Photo Breakdown​.