Getting a hold of Michael Jordan isn’t easy. But when he’s able to do it, Cam Newton is more than happy to pick MJ’s brain and take advice from the six-time NBA champion.


Marshall Faulk broke down the relationship that exists between Cam and MJ last month during a broadcast on the NFL Network. Faulk said that Troy Aikman told him the two “have formed this relationship which is really special” and that MJ helped Cam and the Panthers beat the Seahawks in the NFL Playoffs by providing some words of wisdom about how MJ’s Bulls were able to overcome the Pistons back at the beginning of his career. But Cam hadn’t addressed his relationship with MJ until yesterday when he told reporters about how he leans on the NBA legend whenever he can touch base with him.

“He’s a busy man, as you can probably imagine,” Newton said. “Anytime I get an opportunity to speak to him, obviously it’s cherished.”

The likely NFL MVP didn’t go into any great detail with regards to what MJ tells him (he also casually mentioned that he speaks with Jerry West from time to time). But if the Panthers win Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, MJ will have played a small part in it (and if they lose, maybe no MJ crying face for Cam, Internet?!). Check out the clip above to hear Cam speak briefly about MJ.

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[via New York Post]