In the latest edition of the NFL being utterly ridiculous, Denver Broncos punter Britton Colquitt will shell out $1,800 in order to have his one-week-old daughter at Super Bowl 50. “There’s no age limit to tickets. It’s $1,800 for our week-old daughter we just had. It’s kind of crazy,” Colquitt told The Denver Post. “You won’t remember, but I’m paying for it."  

If it were for a friend, it makes total sense to force Colquitt to cough up the money. But this is family! Plus, this isn't a small chunk of change we're talking about. Still, he's seeing this entire thing in a completely different light. "It’s not about the money because with the tickets you end up kind of forfeiting your Super Bowl check," he said. "It’s about the medal I guess and the memories and putting your name in history forever.”

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