Team(s) involved: Raptors
Player(s) involved: DeMar DeRozan, Patrick Patterson, C.J. Wilcox
Wins gained: 0

The Raptors are 35-16 right now and just two games behind the Cavaliers for the top spot in the Eastern Conference playoff race. And you know who thinks they have a legit chance to win the NBA title this season? *crickets* No one. It feels like Drake has actually been to more Warriors games than Raptors games this season. Toronto could change their perception in a hurry, though, by bringing in a legit superstar like Griffin. He might be a little bit wary about playing in the place where he broke his hand recently, but we’re sure he would get over it once he realized that he wouldn’t have to worry about taking part in the gauntlet that is the Western Conference Playoffs anymore. —Chris Yuscavage (@CYuscavage)