Tonight, speaking to the media for the first time since he busted his hand punching his close friend in the face, Blake Griffin apologized for his actions that led to his current injury and (eventually) a four-game suspension upon his return. He was asked questions about trade talks (note: coach Doc Rivers said Griffin would not be traded by Thursday afternoon's deadline), and declined to elaborate on what led to him hitting equipment staffer Matias Testi, instead sticking with a generic response:

"It was a situation, like I said, between two friends that escalated and again, I exercised poor judgment. It is something that I think about everyday and wish I could take it back and I have told Matias that. It is one of those things that you cannot take back, so now I am focused on moving forward and doing the best I can from here on out.”

He also added that the two have spoken "a ton of times" since last month's incident. 

If you want, check out the entire four-minute exchange above.

[via LA Clippers]

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