The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has had a rule in place for years in regards to student section conduct during high school games. The aim is to have a little more respect and a little less chanting of phrases like "air ball" and "scoreboard." That's right, folks. You are not allowed to yell "air ball" when someone misses the rim in the entire state of Wisconsin.

The reason said rule is making the news now is because a student took to Twitter to tell the WIAA to "eat shit" and included a screenshot of an email reminding coaches and students of the rule. April Gehl plays volleyball for Hilbert High School and has since been suspended. And get this: She hasn't deleted the tweet.

We provided the screenshot below in case she changes her mind:

Some of the other words, phrases, and actions that are banned during tournament play? "Fundamentals," "Sieve" (who says "sieve?"), "We can’t hear you," "You can’t do that," "There’s a net there," and "Season’s over."

The outspoken Jay Bilas took to Twitter to voice his displeasure by coming up with some acceptable chants:

April, you're a G and have reminded us that not all heroes wear capes.

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