In an op-ed piece for The Washington Post, Donald Yee, agent for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, explained why he believes Clemson and Alabama players should not participate in tonight's National Championship Game. "So on Monday, they’ll be working for free," Yee writes. "Most fans of college football and basketball go along with the pretense, looking past the fact that the NCAA makes nearly $1 billion a year from unpaid labor." 

"So by refusing to pay athletes, the NCAA isn’t just perpetuating a financial injustice," he adds. "It’s also committing a racial one." Yee points out that five times as many black NFL student-athletes were selected in the first two rounds over the last few years, compared to white athletes. Meanwhile, the other parties involved, like the coaching staff and administration, come away with huge profits. "And for the most part, the people getting paid are white," Yee said. 

In 2013, Arian Foster admitted to taking money while attending the University of Tennessee. "There was a point where we had no food, no money," he said, "so I called my coach and I said, 'Coach, we don't have no food. We don't have no money. We're hungry. Either you give us some food, or I'm gonna go do something stupid.'" Sometimes, the scholarship and meal plan for these student-athletes simply aren't enough. It may sound ridiculous or crazy, but isn't it also ridiculous and crazy that 'Bama head coach Nick Saban makes $6.9 million per year while his players may not have enough financially to make ends meet?  

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[via Business Insider]

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