We all know Kawhi Leonard is one of the better players in the league, but is he reaching Stephen Curry's or LeBron James' level? 

The numbers suggest it considering he's averaging 20 points per game and shooting .502 from the field, including .478 from beyond the arc, which is actually better than Curry's .451 mark. Those stats and the Spurs' second best record in the NBA rightfully have Leonard, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, thrown into the MVP conversation.

And the man who coaches the reigning NBA MVP gave Leonard some high praise Sunday, the day before his Warriors host the Spurs in the NBA's most highly anticipated game so far this season.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr told CSN's Monte Poole that Leonard is "probably the best two-way player in the league now" and that the Spurs are now his team. 

"We always talk about two-way players and how important it is, especially in the modern NBA, where you can't hide a guy at either end," Kerr said. "He's probably the best two-way player in the league now."

The Spurs (38-6) visit the Warriors (40-4) in Oakland tonight with tip scheduled for 10:30 pm ET. San Antonio has won 13 in a row while Golden State hasn't dropped a game at home since last Jan. 27 of last year. The Spurs will not have the services of Tim Duncan, who is out for tonight's game, but they have their supertstar in Leonard who is quietly becoming the new face of the franchise.  

“You have to deal with him in all kinds of different ways,” Kerr said. “He’s a terror on defense, and offensively he’s gotten better and better. His 3-point shooting is really, really good. And he’s so strong that he can score around the rim. He’s a great player, and it’s kind of slowly but surely become his team in a lot of ways.”

[h/t CBS Sports]

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