Steve Kerr Is Finally Back to Coach the Warriors

The Warriors have been doing so well that you almost forget that they've been rolling without Steve Kerr. Golden State had the best start in regular season history with Luke Walton holding it down as interim head coach. Kerr has been traveling with the team since the end of December, but he's been sidelined thanks to complications from his offseason back surgery.

Now, the man who coached the Warriors to a championship is back. After not coaching since the Finals, Kerr has resumed his duties tonight against the Pacers. The 50-year-old returned to a standing ovation at Oracle Arena.

Kerr told his team about his return on Friday morning before shootarounds. Sadly, the announcement wasn't as epic as he'd hoped.

"I was thinking of doing like MJ did and send a fax out that just says, 'I'm back,'" Kerr said, "but I don't think faxes, do they even exist at this point? I don't know."

Kerr came back to coach the best team in the league. He can live with that missed opportunity.

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[via ESPN] 
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