During the 2000-01 NBA season, rookie Stephen Jackson was a part of a Nets team that was coached by Byron Scott. It seems he didn’t enjoy the experience.

Yesterday, Jackson took part in an interview with 120 Sports and was asked about Scott telling Julius Randle that he needs to “grow up” recently. And as he’s been known to do, Jackson kept it 100 and dished out some advice to Randle and his teammate D’Angelo Russell. That advice? Based on his experience, Jackson doesn’t think either young player should listen to Scott.

“D’Angelo Russell and [Julius] Randle, do not pay attention to that man,” Jackson said. “I made the rookie All-Star Game...and after the break, he did not play me no more. He is the worst communicator for young guys. I would not advise the young players to even listen to Byron Scott, because he is the worst coach at communicating with guys, and I’m living proof.”

For what it’s worth, the 2000-01 season was Scott’s first season with the Nets—and his first head coaching gig overall. So it’s probably safe to say that, even if he was bad with young players back then, he’s likely gotten a lot better. But don’t tell that to Jackson, who is clearly still holding a grudge from something that happened during his rookie season.

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[via 120 Sports]