Crazy person and also Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera Ordonez drew outrage a few days ago when he brought his five-month-old daughter Carmen into a ring to fight dangle a cloth in the face of a bull who was likely pissed off. The resulting Instagram indignation was not exactly surprising because, let's face it, you risk enraging the social media masses with every keystroke, so imagine what would happen if you took a picture with a baby teasing a 1,000+ lb. animal. The photo has been noted by both animal rights activists and a local child welfare office, the latter of which referred the case to prosecutors. 

In response Ordonez said of his daughter "She is never going to be safer than she is in my arms." The 42-year-old matador, "one of the most popular bullfighters in Spain" (at least that's what the BBC says, we have no freakin' idea) has been on break from the sport since this past August after being gored in the stomach by a bull.

So if anybody out there would know how harmless this is it's him.

[via BBC]

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