Through the first half of Sunday's NFC Divisional Playoff matchup between the Seahawks and Panthers, Seattle had much to cry about getting slaughtered 31-0. Anyone who was rooting for the Panthers had no sense of chill, like this meme for example that hit the Twittersphere during the first half:

Needless to say, Russell Wilson and his crew initially didn't have a great day. But as the acronym "NFL" was once dubbed in the league's lore that meant "Not For Long," the Seahawks finally came alive in the second half. They scored 24 unanswered points, and even made an ill-attempted onside kick in the closing seconds of the game, by which Carolina caught and survived the scare to finish the game 31-24. 

But Cam Newton being Cam Newton, he ran around Panthers' Bank of America Stadium slapping fives to fans, and hurled a Seahawks fan's 12th man flag into the distance. One Seahawks fan had cried foul about this, and took to her Facebook page to write a dramatic letter as if the entire Seahawks Nation depended on that grand ol' flag. Here's the what she had to say, with melancholic-laden violins playing in the background:


We don't wish anything bad on those terminally ill or poor children of the Seahawks' fanbase, or even the one's who are healthy and well. Although, I'm pretty sure that 12th man flag wouldn't be saving their lives if they needed a quick remedy to get well soon.

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