Shane Warne is no stranger to text messages. We all know that. Since as far back as the early days of the Nokia 5110, the Spin King has often found himself thumbs-deep in drama.

Also very fond of social media (particularly Instagram), Warnie's latest lapse involves both text messages and Twitter. The story, reported by UK tabloid The Sun, starts with smooth-talking Shane sliding into the DMs of British page three model Rhian Sugden.

Sugden pulled up stumps on the conversation immediately, advising the cricket legend she was attached and happy without Warnie in her life. He allegedly replied “Hahahahaha, sob !!!!! “I know, will leave you be gorgeous one, be happy xxx.”

The story doesn't shed any light on how exactly things escalated from Twitter DMs to texts, but Warnie reportedly blew up the model's phone with a series of texts, before her boyfriend put on the pads and went in to bat for his lady.

“This is Rhians fiancé. As I can see from previous messages — she has mentioned this a few times.

“Not sure why a 46 year old man who she has never met . . . would want to meet up with her, other than to be inappropriate.

“Get the hint and find somebody single to bombard with messages. Oliver X”

Warnie reportedly replied with a thumbs up emoji, before presumably moving on to the next girl he saw on Instagram.