It seems that the Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego markets may all be grieving together as the Raiders and Rams have also filed to return to L.A. which could (but likely won't) give the nation's second largest city three new teams in a single offseason:

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There's probably no bigger bummer in sports than a team not getting the proper amount of funds they wished to extort from your city, and subsequently leaving town to raid (and entertain) a different market. Ask fans in Cleveland, Montreal and, possibly soon, San Diego. That's because tonight, on the first night they were able to do so, the Chargers filed for relocation to Los Angeles (another market that's been abandoned, multiple times). This was according to many sources on Twitter:

The next move in the potential, uh, move comes down to an owners meeting taking place in Houston on January 12 and 13. The team has said they'll "respect" any decision the league makes, meaning there's hope for the SD-based Bolts faithful.

In case you're wondering the Chargers have been in San Diego since they were in the AFL, dating back to 1961 after spending their inaugural season in (where else?) L.A.

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