If you ever lose a bet to Kobe Bryant, you better pay up. Immediately. Or else…

That’s apparently the lesson that Kobe’s former teammate Samaki Walker learned more than a decade ago after he lost a $100 bet while playing a game that involved a bunch of different Lakers players shooting half-court shots. Walker was under the impression that he had 48 hours to pay Kobe what he owed. But according to Walker, Kobe approached him a short time after he won the bet and asked for his money. And when Walker didn’t pay up, he claims Kobe punched him in the face on the team bus.

“It was a sucker punch, right to the face,” Walker said on the Brown and Scoop show on the Play.it podcast network. “Out of nowhere."

You can listen to the entire story here (trust us, it's worth it!):

There’s no way of knowing whether or not Walker is telling the whole truth here, but be honest: You can definitely picture Kobe doing this, can’t you?

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[via TMZ Sports]