UPDATE: As it turns out, this was all some kind of joke.

See original story below.

The Utah Jazz had the night off on Tuesday, but evidently, Rudy Gobert decided to spend his free time by watching some other teams hoop. And near the end of the Heat's loss to the Bucks, a game where Miami's Hassan Whiteside (who leads the league in blocked shots) finished with 23 points and 18 rebounds, Gobert headed to Twitter to take his shot.

"You can have good stats but hurt your team ... numbers do lie sometimes," he said.

Nikola Vucevic of the Orlando Magic didn't like the way Gobert was slandering an anonymous player, so he decided to fire back.

"I think you should tell us who you're talking about like a real man would," Vucevic said.

Gobert responded by playfully jabbing one of Vucevic's teammates (Evan Fournier), who is actually one of Gobert's personal friends.

And finally, Fournier responded in French to make it clear that Whiteside was indeed the subject of Gobert's criticism.

The numbers suggest that the Heat's defense might actually be worse with Whiteside on the floor, so what Gobert is saying here isn't completely ridiculous. But his reasons for saying it, at least for now, remain a mystery.

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