Brazil legend Ronaldinho has hopped on the world's latest trend for a new payday.

The ex-Barca and AC Milan star is currently without a club and it looks like he's used his new spare time to get into the hoverboard market, with the launch of a personalised model.

Ronaldinho Scooters is selling a goal hoverboard with Ronaldinho's iconic signature printed all over it and it can be yours for just $699.00.

Only 5,000 of the 'scooters' are being made.

The engine has the power of 500W, maximum speed of 15km/h and can be empowered to more than 20km. It's also got a Bluetooth speaker for those who want to be loud and proud.

It looks a little bit like his iconic Nike Tiempo.

We're not sure Ronaldinho's hoverboard will be as sought after as his Tiempo.

[via Instagram]