@NFLRT TED GINN JR!!! pic.twitter.com/lEnFDOqpdN

— Abdul Memon (@abdulamemon) January 25, 2016

Looking like something straight out of the playbook from Cam Newton's days at Auburn, the Carolina Panthers scored the first touchdown of their much hyped NFC Championship matchup with the Arizona Cardinals on a pretty nifty reverse play.

Taking the snap, Newton faked a handoff to running back Jonathan Stewart, then began running to his right before flipping the ball to a streaking Ted Ginn Jr. behind him. After breaking a tackle at the 20, Ginn cut all the way back to the right side of the field for six. My man had people reminiscing about Ginn's days at Ohio State after that one.

Minutes later, Cam Newton hit Philly Brown on a bomb over the middle for another tuddy, putting the Panthers up 17.

We're excited to see what else offensive coordinator Mike Shula has in his pocket for Newton and the Panthers the rest of the game. 

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