The Bulls are doing pretty well after getting rid of Tom Thibodeau last season. But it's not like they dropped him to become the best team in the league like the Warriors did with Mark Jackson, and Thibodeau is still a sought-after coach. The Nets happens to be looking for a coach.

Brooklyn is stuck in the cellar, hanging at the bottom of the league while looking forward to draft picks they traded away. The least the Nets could do is find a decent replacement for Lionel Hollins, who they fired alongside their former general manager Billy KingESPN reports that Thibodeau might be that replacement. Owner Mikhail Prokhorov is looking for an accomplished name with "considerable experience in the league," and Thibodeau fits the bill.

The Nets are looking for a general manager first, though, and they're still in the early stages of their search. Until then, the players will have to keep keeping on.

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